Aniruddha’s Definitive Guide to Self Publish Books in India

Every time I say Self-Publish in the presence of a writer, I brace myself for a snicker.

Despite the length of it, and a few minor typos, in my opinion Aniruddha Pathak has done a pretty decent job of laying down the rules of engagement to be followed in self-publishing. What to expect, the dos and don’ts, and the chronological steps in the journey. To read the article hit the link below:

A Definitive Guide to Self Publish Books in India

Most articles that I have read so far, leave out specifics such as company and people names, their genuine feedback is window dressed in political correctness & there are so many open ended, cliche gyan statements that the mind boggles.

Aniruddha, is specific and I for one appreciate his generosity of thought… This piece is truly informative.

My favorite parts:

  1. Rule of 7
  2. Importance of a professional editor- when to approach one, readiness, and what to expect (Neil D’Silva explains what a Editor would not and should not do)
  3. Info on free paperback publishing websites such as- Pothi, FreeSelfPublish, and White Falcon Publishing
  4. Paid Print-on-Demand publishing packages

All in all if an article tells me more than 3 useful bits of information and takes me less than 10-15 minutes to read, it is a job well done.

If you have come across better articles, share them. Did you know about this already? Have you tried any of it? What were your experience like? Do let me know….


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So join me in my journey as I teach myself. Maybe you could teach me too, and maybe just maybe I could help you with a thing or two.

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